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Birthing From Within Mentor

Private and small group in-home childbirth preparation uniquely tailored to your situations. First timers, birthing again, homebirth and cesarean preparation are some examples of the different circumstances we can cover.   

Birth Story Listening

Are you looking to change your relationship with a difficult birth? Explore the profound impact that a past birth experience (your birth, a birth you witnessed, a birth you supported) has on your current self, and glean skills and tools to make change. 

Body Awareness Session

I'll come to your home for a 2-3 hour session. Topics include:

  • Bony Pelvic Anatomy

  • Proper pregnancy alignment and habits

  • Exercises for relaxation and muscle engagement

  • Techniques and postures for labor

Elimination Communication Coach

Learn how to understand your little one's cues and natural timing for peeing and pooping. Use that skill to go diaper free, potty train early or follow a non-coercive potty training plan later on. 

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