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Childbirth Preparation

Birthing From Within-trained childbirth educators and doulas bring a depth of inquiry to parents in a variety of ways, including art,  mindfulness, visualizations, storytelling, ritual, and ceremony. In all situations, Birthing From Within members are mentors, guiding parents through the unknown so that they can fully experience the transformation that birthing a baby brings. Birthing From Within mentors also bring current research into their work, building the bridges between ancient and modern knowing, myth and science, grit and grace.

Upcoming Classes

Birthing Again refresher class

Great for any family that has gone through a birth experience before. 

October 2020
2-day online class (via Zoom) 
  1. Saturday October 10th, 10am-1pm PMT

  2. Sunday October 18th, 10am-1pm PMT 



Class only: $250

Class + 1 Birth Story Listening session: $300

Class + 2 Birth Story Listening sessions: $350

6 Week Series

No group classes currently scheduled.

Contact me for a private session or check out to find another BFW class  

Refresher Class Content


Topics include but not limited to:

  • Connecting with your pregnancy and baby

  • How to prepare a big sibling

  • How to prepare for a TOLAC/VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean)

  • How to integrate your prior birth experience in a way that helps, not hinders

  • Review stages of labor, coping options, and newborn care

Bundle and save! 

Add a Birth Story Listening (BSL) session for yourself and/or birth partner and save up to $50. 

If you or your partner find yourselves stuck on a particular moment from a previous labor, or are hoping that this birth is a 'second/third/fourth chance' to 'do it better' then you might want to consider a BSL Session.


The story you are telling yourself about the previous birth can hold great power over the decisions you are making now. A BSL session can help you identify inhibiting anchors and give you tools to process what happened in a new light; one that encourages inner wisdom and growth. 

As your Birthing From Within Mentor...

I believe that…

  • Birth trauma can be prevented and healed. 

  • Childbirth preparation requires more than data downloads and mastering techniques. Doula care involves more than hands-on support and cheerleading. 

  • Ritual, ceremony, and art processes are key components to unearthing the ancient, inner knowing within us. It is this knowing that makes us capable of completing the heroic journey that makes up the childbearing year.

  • Parents need a village surrounding them as they embark on their journey. 

  • Birth is a rite of passage regardless of how it unfolds.

  • Being solution-focused is more effective in preventing trauma than being outcome-focused.

I promise to…

  • Inspire personal transformation and create new lenses through which parents and professionals can see themselves and others.

  • Continually imagine new boundaries, processes, and solutions in our programs.

  • Actively welcome and embrace all people to our community.

  • Foster a deeper understanding of the physiology of birth.

  • Reveal the wisdom of the ancient maps for the childbearing years.

  • Bridge modern science with ancient knowledge without a focus on one over the other.

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