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About Breann

Trainings and classes

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Birthing From Within Mentor*

Go Diaper Free Coach*

Natural Resources SF Birth Doula*

Birth Story Listening*

Dad Certified* (Empowered Papa)

Neonatal Resuscitation

Spinning Babies

Bachelor of Arts, Psychology and Dance, Colorado College

My Story


Hello and welcome. I’m so excited your birth preparation journey has brought you here. 


I’m Breann Snyder, a Birthing From Within Mentor, trained Birth Story listener, and an Elimination Communication coach. I offer a variety of engaging class options; private or group; in person and online. 


My own journey began as a birth doula, supporting dozens of Bay Area families through their prenatal and birth experience. Soon thereafter I went through my own transformation into parenthood. As I sat with the pieces of myself immediately following my daughters birth, I wondered over the weight of the experience. I had, by all accounts, all the makings for it to have been a traumatic experience (a planned homebirth turned hospital birth after waters breaking early at 35 weeks; my daughter rushed to the NICU with a collapsed lung), and yet I did not feel traumatized. Instead I felt powerful. And strong. Why was that? How was that? 


One of the main tenants of the Birthing From Within philosophy is the prevention of Birth Trauma by preparing for the unknown. Not by teaching all possible outcomes. Not by teaching how to have the perfect birth. But, by embracing the simple truth that we will never know how the birth journey may unfold, we can prepare ourselves to face the unknown and find the strength from within. 


This idea was further put to the test with the birth of my second daughter, Flossie, who came and left this earth at birth. All the planning and hoping in the world is no match for the abruptness of death, especially when it is wedded to the act of giving birth. 


It is my hope that in bringing Birthing From Within to your birth journey, you too can dig deep and do the work to find your strength and your abilities to enter the unknown and emerge on the other side stronger and wiser. 

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