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About me

My journey began in 2015 when I trained at Natural Resources to be a Birth Doula. I supported families in and around San Francisco until the birth of my own daughter in 2017. I continue to share my passion of pregnancy and childbirth as a teacher and mentor.   

Birthing From Within Your experience of childbirth is a Rite of Passage. Using a variety of active processes and encouraging self discovery, I guide parents to give birth-in-awareness.
Birth Story Listening Explore the profound impact a past birth experience (your birthing experience, a birth you witnessed, a birth you supported) has on your current self, and glean skills and tools to integrate the experience and move forward.  
Body Awareness So much of our experience is based in our bones. By bringing your awareness to your unique anatomy, especially during pregnancy and childbirth, I hope to give you power and understanding for your journey.  

Elimination Communication Did you know your tiny human communicates the need to pee/poo from birth? You can learn the skills to continue this communication to suit your lifestyle: diaper free, early potty training or non-coercive potty training. 
Serving the San Francisco Area
  • In-home and group childbirth education following Birthing From Within philosophy

  • Birth Story Listening private sessions

  • Elimination Communication classes, consults and support

  • Private Body Awareness sessions to help you understand (and appreciate!) your dynamic anatomy

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